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who we are

At Compass Rose Journey, we know that you want your children on a path to their biggest dreams. In order to do that, students need schools that push them to overcome barriers and solve problems along their life’s journey. Many times schools go through the motions, but fail to capture the imaginations and potential of their students. We believe that by partnering with families and challenging students to be their best, we can develop students that are not afraid to pursue their dreams.

Our specialized focus at Compass Rose Journey is Public Health. Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. At Compass Rose Journey, our students engage in nature-based, place-based and hands-on learning in both indoor and outdoor classrooms to develop a deep understanding of their role in contributing to a better and healthier self, community and world.

A Challenging Education

1. Rigorous Academics

Our students master the fundamentals and develop essential critical thinking skills through student-centered instruction and intensive intervention supports.

2. Public Health through Nature-based Learning

Students engage in hands-on learning in both indoor and outdoor classrooms.

3. Character Development

We celebrate the unique strengths and identities of every student. Every campus has a proven behavior system based on reinforcing students’ strengths and then working closely with families on any areas of growth.

Our Leaders

Brittany Thompson
Founding Principal

With an M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Southern Methodist University, Ms.Thompson is an expert at overseeing curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of students and pushes them to reach their potential.

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