Our Curriculum

The Compass Rose academics program provides students with a strong foundation in all core content areas with a strong focus on literacy and math. Starting in elementary, this looks like targeted small group instruction addressing fundamental skill development. Through their grade level and academic program progression, students receive appropriate and personalized instruction to ensure they have the necessary foundational knowledge and skills to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Where students explore social issues that impact themselves and the community and build social-emotional skills.


Provides the structure for engaging in the college application process and exploring potential careers.


Where students are encouraged to challenge themselves, to think critically, and to problem-solve.


Experience through which students practice essential college and life skills via technology access and use.
We also know critical thinking is essential to student success. Our academic program is developed to teach this skill early in the curriculum and to help students develop effective critical thinking habits and apply them in a wide array of contexts to demonstrate deep mastery of each subject.

Each campus focuses on what our community needs for its students to succeed and those needs are determined through robust community engagement and involvement. We commit to serving our communities and in turn prepare children to become leaders in their community. All instruction is TEKS-aligned with a focus on student discussion, inquiry, problem-solving, and deep understanding of content. All high school students are on the Texas Distinguished Graduation plan with a college-preparatory curriculum and experience to prepare them for university coursework and beyond.

Student Culture

Our student culture is driven by three R’s:

  • Structured and adaptable learning environments
  • Student-driven and student-centered 
  • Purposeful, not rigid
  • Welcoming, inclusive classrooms
  • Intentional structures create space for team-building
  • Community is built within classrooms
  • Balance of high expectations with support
  • When students make mistakes, we teach how to restore and repair relationships
  • As much as possible, we work to repair harm as opposed to using punitive disciplinary measures

Special Programs

From our PAICE (Practical Academics, Independence, & Community Exploration) special education program to our Emergent Bilingual program, we meet students where they are on their learning journey.

Community Driven Fields of Study

Student safety comes first. Review our updated 2023-24 Safety & Security Measures.