Community Co-Design

About Community Co-design

For the Community, By the Community

We center our communities via a community co-design process which ensures students, families, and neighborhood stakeholders help us build each school’s unique identity and culture. This leads to a meaningful and authentic program of study that is built around the strengths of each community and the dreams of its residents.

From the Community To the Classrom

How Community Co-design shows up in our schools

We engage with the community regularly, asking families what they want to see from their graduates, listening to them and taking their wishes seriously, and we use the information we learn to shape our schools. Our goal is to always align our program with the desires of our community.

How this Benefits Students

Connecting Students to their Community

Each campus has a unique field of study that is driven by community co-design and integrated daily into classrooms, connecting students to community partners that specialize in their field of interest.


Compass Rose has over 50+ existing community partners and that list is constantly growing!


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