We’re Passionate About People

People First Organization

We put people first in all that we do because we know that working in education is hard and transformational. Putting people first means providing our educators with the tools, skills, and feedback they deserve.

We’re Passionate About Education

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We are constantly looking for educators that have high expectations for education, believe in the capabilities of ALL children, and are invested in equity and inclusion. If that’s you, apply to join our team today!

Our Core Habits Represent Who We Strive to Be

our Core Habits

Setting the Table

When we set expectations, we are setting the table – putting our saltshaker in the center. Whenever the saltshaker is off-center, we move it back. First, we set explicit expectations: we set the table and place the saltshaker exactly where we want it. Then, when it gets moved, we apply constant, gentle pressure to make sure it always goes back to the center.

The Dirty Jersey

The “dirty jersey” is a metaphor for a player who displays focused purpose and tenacity on the field. A player’s jersey gets dirty when they dive for balls, slide into bases, and are passionate about the end goal. In our schools, we all play like that – we hustle, we do our jobs, we help others with their work, and we stretch ourselves to accomplish more than we ever thought we could. We don’t work hard just for appearances; we work hard because equity work is hard and is going to require more from us than we’ve ever given.

The Joy/Love Thing

We believe in affirming our humanity through the powerful connection of our emotional culture, where we are affectionate, caring, and compassionate toward one another, toward our scholars, and toward our community. It takes more than surface-level gestures to show people we care. We invest our time and our hearts into our people. We work and operate with love, and that makes us different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified to teach?

We require certifications for Special Education and ELA teachers. Outside of that, the state does not require charter school teachers to be fully certified. We seek educators with content expertise, critical thinking skills, and alignment with our mission and values.

Should I apply for more than one position?

There is no need. We recognize you may qualify for more than one position. Complete one application and our Talent Team will match you to other opportunities that you are qualified for based on availability.

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“This is truly an environment where psychological safety is prioritized – we are able to bring our authentic selves to work daily because management has given and created that space.”

San Antonio Educator

Great Place to Work Survey, 2022

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