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Network Science and Biology STAAR EOCs

April 23

Attention, parents! The countdown to STAAR testing has begun, and it’s time to ignite your child’s potential! As we gear up for this crucial academic milestone, let’s ensure our young scholars are equipped for success.

Attendance is the key that unlocks the door to achievement! Encourage your child to be present and punctual, as every class missed is a missed opportunity to excel. Consistent attendance lays the groundwork for academic growth and confidence.

But wait, there’s more! Picture this: your child fueled with energy, ready to conquer the day. How? With a nutritious breakfast! A hearty morning meal fuels their brainpower, sharpening focus and boosting memory. From whole grains to fresh fruits, let’s ensure our future leaders start their day right!

So, parents, let’s rally together! Let’s inspire our children to reach for the stars, reminding them that dedication, attendance, and a balanced breakfast are the secret ingredients to triumph in the upcoming STAAR testing. Together, we’ll watch them soar to new heights!

Grades Testing:

  • Science: 5th & 8th Grade
  • Biology: High School Students

Campuses Testing: ALL Compass Rose campuses


April 23

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