Impact Campus

Compass Rose Impact, on the northwest side of San Antonio, is a unique campus serving grades 9-12 focused on credit recovery and acceleration. We are proud to have a dedicated program focused on individualized, accelerated instruction to support students that are at risk of not finishing high school such as over-age, under-credited students.

Credit Recovery

Students that are behind on credits and/or are over-age (up to age 25) can get on track to graduate at Impact.

Individualized Support

With small class sizes, students will have the supports needed to obtain their diploma in this accelerated program.


We believe ALL students deserve the emotional and academic supports needed to help them become their best selves.

Our Leaders

Jonathan Tyrrell

Jonathan Tyrrell

Interim Principal

Mr. Tyrrell is the founding principal at Compass Rose Ingenuity. He has 21 years of experience in education and a track record of leading schools into the top brackets of achievement in Texas. More than anything, he desires for students to be loved, affirmed, and challenged to be their best.

Contact Info

Front Office: (210) 890-8494


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents get involved?
Through our True North Council - a parent organization that creates opportunities for parents to get engaged and to work alongside the school.
Will students receive breakfast and lunch daily?
Yes. All students are offered breakfast and lunch for free.
Where are your bus stops located?
Once you enroll your student(s), we will help you find the bus stop closest to you.


We offer free transportation with centrally located bus stops throughout the city. Although we don’t do door to door pick ups, we are glad to work with you to find the closest bus stop to you!

Compass Rose Impact Information

Grades 9-12

6660 First Park Ten Blvd
San Antonio, Tx 78213
tel:(210) 890-8494

Student safety comes first. Review our updated 2023-24 Safety & Security Measures.