School safety

A Message From Our CEO

We are so excited to welcome our Compass Rose students for the 2023-24 school year! As always, we remain strongly committed to the safety and well-being of every student and team member. In our continued commitment to safety, we would like to share some of the steps we have taken and are taking this year to continue providing a safe and joyful learning environment for everyone.

Campus/Building Safety

We have taken measures to ensure our buildings have the proper resources to keep everyone inside safe. All of our exterior doors will continue to remain locked, requiring a badge for entry, and each campus has one single entry point that visitors must enter through. Exterior doors and windows have an entry deterrent film on them to prevent visibility and/or forced entry. Each building is equipped with surveillance systems of the school grounds that we are able to access 24/7. Additionally, we have installed silent panic alert buttons inside each school building that allow for 911 to be notified if an emergency were to occur in a quick, more efficient manner.

Verkada Visitor Verification

We use our Verkada Verification platform at every campus to check in ALL visitors who are not identified as staff before they are able to enter student common areas. The Verkada system scans the identification cards of visitors to confirm their identity and the system alerts schools to any information that may be of value relating to safety.

The See Something, Say Something Reporting Tool

We have partnered with the Sandy Hook Foundation to utilize the See Something, Say Something platform. This tool provides a safe way for students to anonymously report any concerns they experience with other individuals in their school community. We have posters visible across each campus and in classrooms and students learn how to utilize this platform through teacher-led trainings that are provided to staff and shared within the first two weeks of school.

[NEW] Armed Security Officer Requirement

{Section 10 of Texas House Bill 3}

In accordance with the passing of Texas House Bill 3, Compass Rose Public Schools will hire at lease one School Resource Officer or qualified armed officer per region. Furthermore, our Board of Directors recently approved us to begin the process of training School-based Marshals. The plan allows selected and screened staff members to act as security officers in the event of an active threat and will receive training from state-certified law enforcement. We will continue to evaluate all of our school safety options and we will adjust as needed to support the needs of our students and team members. As always, the safety and well-being of our students and team members will always be our number one priority. With these steps, we aim to be proactive so that we can continue to prove a safe learning environment for everyone.


Paul Morrissey

Founder & CEO

Please Note: As the Texas legislature continues to discuss and propose new guidelines/regulations around school safety, we will share any applicable updates with our families as new laws go into effect.

Student safety comes first. Review our updated 2023-24 Safety & Security Measures.